The Complete Guide to Duvet Sizes: From Single to Super King

We all know what a duvet is – that soft, blanket-type thing that keeps us toasty warm at night. In fact, duvets are the most common type of bed covering in northern Europe. They’ve grown in popularity since they were invented, way back in 3000 B.C.

You may assume you have the right-sized duvet, but making sure is important. Why? Well, we have all felt the frustration at our partner for stealing all of the duvet or have woken up to freezing cold feet when a duvet isn’t long enough.

In order for a duvet to be truly comfortable, it has to be the right size for your bed. In this article, we will give you a detailed duvet size guide, talking you through the size of each duvet and the purpose they’re best for. Let’s go!

Duvet Size Guide

What Size Is a Single Duvet?

Single duvets are best placed on single beds or children’s beds. We often use these in children’s bedrooms or a guest bedroom that doesn’t have a lot of space. If you have a futon or a day bed, you may also want to opt for a single duvet, as these will be easier to store.

A standard single duvet tends to be around 135 cm wide and 200 cm long (or 53 x 79 inches).

What Size Is a Small Double Duvet?

A small double duvet is perfect for small double beds or if you want to be super cosy in a single bed. This type of duvet can be a bit on the narrow side for couples, so you may want to go for a double duvet if you prefer not to be fighting over it every night.

Double duvets are typically around 150 x 200 cm, equivalent to 59 x 79 inches.

What Size Is a Double Duvet?

Double beds need a double duvet for both you and your partner to have enough of the blanket to cover you. Double duvets are also ideal on a double bed if you sleep alone but like to be toasty warm.

200 x 200 cm (79 x 79 inches) are the typical dimensions for a double duvet, although these can vary.

What Size Is a Queen Size Duvet?

Queen sized beds are slightly wider than double beds, offering that little bit extra room for couples that want to be able to move away from each other after a snuggle. Queen-sized duvets are the top choice for these scenarios or for couples with a double bed who want an extra bit of duvet!

A queen-sized duvet is usually wider than it is long, at around 230 cm x 220 cm (90 x 86 inches).

What Size Is a King Size Duvet?

If the space in your bedroom will allow it, a king size bed is worth the investment. It’s a popular choice for couples who prefer their own sleeping space. If your partner is wriggly or squirmy during the night, you’ll love a king size bed. King size duvets suit a king size bed, made specifically to complement these beds’ shape.

King size duvets are around 260 x 220 cm, or 102 x 86 inches.

What Size Is a Super King Size Duvet?

Super king size duvets are the crème de la crème of warmth and comfort, ensuring a good night’s sleep for both you and your partner. They are ideal for super king size beds or king size beds if you require an extra bit of duvet to wrap around you.

Super king size duvets are typically 290 cm x 240 cm (114 x 94 inches).

How to Put on a Duvet Cover

We may all assume we know how to put a duvet cover on. We either slide the duvet into the cover, match up the corners, and shake. Or we turn it inside out and flip the duvet cover over the duvet. But did you know there’s a better way to put on a duvet cover? Here’s your step-by-step guidance for getting it right:

1.     Pick the Right Duvet Cover!

The first step is to choose the right-sized duvet cover for your duvet. While this may sound simple, it’s fundamental in ensuring your duvet fits nicely and snug inside.  

2.     Turn It Inside Out

The easiest way to put your duvet cover on is to turn it inside out, then lay it on the bed with the opening at the foot.

3.     Place Your Duvet on Top

Place your duvet on top of your duvet cover, matching all four corners.

4.     Roll, Roll, Roll

Now, starting from the head of the bed, begin to roll both the duvet and the cover together. The best way to know you’re doing it right is to check whether it looks like a burrito! If it does, you’re bang on the money!

5.     Flip the Duvet Cover Inside Out

Once you’ve reached the end of your burrito, invert your duvet cover’s opening so that it goes around the end of your burrito.

6.     Unravel

Now, this process is simple – just unravel your duvet cover burrito back up in the direction of the head of the bed!

7.     And Finally, Zip or Button Up Your Duvet Cover

As a final step, zip up or button up your duvet cover so it’s closed. And voila! There you have it. Bet you never thought it could be that easy, huh?

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