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Ottoman Textiles is the discerning choice amongst kitchen linen suppliers. Our wholesale tea towels and dish cloths are a simple, practical and down-to-earth solution when it comes to dealing with kitchen and surface cleanliness, offering an absorbent, no-frills way of dealing with spillages quickly and efficiently.

As wholesale suppliers of kitchen and bedroom linen, Ottoman Textiles, based in Manchester, UK, has decades of experience as a provider of quality linen to hotels, hospitals, care homes, holiday parks and private hospitality venues, as well as independent traders, retailers and interior designers. Our experience is your greatest asset as you seek to offer your customers practical, comfortable and durable solutions for the bedroom and kitchen.

Our wholesale dish cloths come in a pack of three, each of which offers a variety of colours. Efficiency in cleanliness depends on being able to allocate particular dish cloths for specific purposes so that, for example, a dish cloth that is used to wipe a floor is not then used to clean a work surface; so differentiating through colour is an important asset. Predominantly in plain white, each has a distinctive touch of red, black or brown to facilitate a distinction between them whilst in use.

These dish cloths are manufactured using a terry towelling weave to provide maximum absorbency, essential for the quick and efficient removal of liquid spillages. Made of 75% cotton and 25% polyester, they are resilient and durable and, even with frequent washing, which can be done in a machine at 40 degrees, they remain serviceable for a considerable time. Despite this, they are offered at an extremely affordable price.

In addition, Ottoman Textiles are tea towel suppliers, producing high-quality kitchen towels, again manufactured in a terry towelling weave, which can be used as hand towels or for drying up crockery or cutlery as you wish. These come in a pack of four with a chequered pattern and, as with our dish cloths, in a variety of colours; red, yellow, grey and brown. Super-absorbent, they are a simple and practical way of drying things quickly and efficiently. Traditional linen tea towels can have absorption issues, smearing liquid from one place to another, which is never a problem with terry towelling. No matter how wet something is, our wholesale tea towels soak up the moisture and retain it, ensuring that whatever the object of its use it is dried almost instantly. This is achieved by using a method of looping threads during the weave which provides extra surface area for absorption, making it soft to the touch and extremely efficient.

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