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At Ottoman Textiles, we take our responsibilities very seriously when it comes to the provision and wholesale supply of our quality bedding. This means that not only do we provide the bedding itself, we also offer you the means to protect and preserve that bedding with our wholesale pillow protectors and so prolong the life of our products, reducing your expenditure in the long term and reassuring your customers of a safe and fresh experience.

For hotels, holiday parks, hospitals or care homes, providing fresh bedding is essential for the peace of mind and well-being of residents, visitors and patients; and independent traders, retailers and even interior designers are equally conscientious in wishing to supply quality items to their customers. So, even though the pillows and mattresses supplied by Ottoman Textiles are of the highest quality, we are pleased in our capacity as suppliers also to offer you wholesale pillow protectors and mattress protectors of equal quality; simple, safe, unpretentious, but of the highest standard to meet your needs.

Our polypropylene pillow protectors come in a pack of four, retailing at an extremely low price, making their purchase an easy and logical step in preserving the life of your pillows. They have an envelope enclosure that keeps the pillow in place and a snug fit to avoid any creasing under your pillowcase. Even when we wash our hair every day, pillows can become stained from constant use and these pillow protectors ensure that any accumulation of dirt never makes its way through to the actual pillow. Easily removable, they can be washed regularly, thus prolonging the life and cleanliness of your pillows and postponing the day when they might need replacing. We’re not doing ourselves any favours in this respect, but we are doing one for you!

Our quilted pillow protectors add a layer of luxury and comfort to the process of looking after your pillows without compromising their fundamental role. These are sold in pairs and are zipped, giving you extra protection against dust mites by forming a barrier to their entry, though they naturally remain washable. The quilting traps pockets of air close to your face, which in turn improves breathability, ensuring that you will sleep easily and soundly, but also in the knowledge that your face is in contact with the ultimate in clean and quality linen with its double protective layers.

Taking the level of protection and comfort even a step further, our quilted waterproof pillow protectors offer you all the protection and comfort you need with the addition of a laminated waterproof backing that prevents moisture from seeping through to the pillow. Any amount of moisture can damage a pillow and seriously affect its longevity, so Ottoman Textiles are happy to recommend this ultimate pillow protector as the pinnacle of our protective provision.

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