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Ottoman Textiles offers a comprehensive range of wholesale pillows to cover your needs, be you a retailer, interior designer or independent trader, whether you are looking to equip a hospital, hotel, holiday park or care home. Whatever your needs, we are pillow suppliers with the widest variety and choice, all manufactured to the highest quality.

Our range is headed by our anti-allergy pillows, protecting both customers and businesses in these days of ever-increasing sensitivity to microparticles and pollens. Your clients can sleep peacefully, confident that they will awaken refreshed after an undisturbed and comfortable night.

Our luxury embossed microfibre pillows, supplied conveniently in pairs, offer a safe and comfortable alternative to feather pillows, whilst still giving the feel of a down pillow – soft and luxurious, but supportive and durable. These wholesale pillows come at a significantly lower price, so providing even better value for money without compromising on comfort.

In concert with the current high-profile emphasis on protecting the environment, Ottoman Textiles is pleased to offer an eco pillow, filled with recycled fibre and covered with unbleached cotton. Machine washable and vegan (though we don’t recommend you snack on it while you sleep (!) this pillow will not only provide the physical comfort you require for a good night, but the peace of mind many of us are seeking in buying responsibly and in harmony with the needs of our planet.

Our bounce-back pillow contains a polyester bounce-back filling for extra support and durability, comfortable but long-lasting and so excellent value for money.

Or, for those looking for a softer, more indulgent pillow, our duck feather pillows, complete with piped edges and supplied in pairs, add style and luxury to any bed. Each pillow is dressed in a durable cotton cambric cover that is feather-proof, meaning its proud owner will not have their sleep disturbed by a feather poking through.

We have even thought of those for whom the average pillow is inadequate for their needs and offer extra-fill pillows, again supplied in pairs, providing a firmer option for the heavy sleepers among us. These pillows have additional filling and are more tightly packed, supporting the neck and avoiding that pain sometimes experienced on waking due to inadequate head and neck support.

Finally, for those of a less conventional persuasion, we offer two pillows to cover the preferences of all those seeking an untroubled night – our box pillow and v-shaped Pillow. The unique rectangular design of the box pillow means that its support is distributed evenly across the pillow, which avoids the filling becoming lumpy. The piped edging and high thread count of the cotton cambric cover create a luxury finish for this daddy of all pillows.

The v-shaped pillow, with a v-shaped pillow case included in the price, provides extra head and neck support and is a popular asset for expectant mothers and those breastfeeding, as its unusual shape gives it a versatility not found in conventional pillows.

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