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At Ottoman Textiles, we are wholesale suppliers who take our responsibilities to our customers very seriously. So, in addition to providing quality bedding to hotels, holiday homes, hospitals and care homes, as well as to independent traders and wholesale retailers, we also offer you the chance to care for our products with our high-quality protectors.

To that end, we are suppliers of wholesale mattress protectors to cover what can be an expensive part of your bedding outlay and which therefore is necessary to keep everything as clean and fresh as possible. A quality mattress protector will prolong the life of a mattress considerably, as well as guard against accidental spillages or other unforeseen causes of damage when you opt for something from our waterproof range.

Our quilted mattress protector is a guard against allergens, such as dust mites and bed bugs, as well as adds an extra layer of comfort. The quilting provides pockets of air which keep your mattress fresh and aerated, making for a more luxurious surface and so deepening the quality of your sleep. Available in a range of sizes and fully fitted, using an elasticated skirt, your bed will seem naked without one.

One step up from our quilted mattress protector is our quilted waterproof mattress protector, with its laminated backing to prevent any moisture from seeping through to the mattress. Moisture can stain and rot a mattress, or even result in mould growth, which can seriously reduce its life and usefulness, so this mattress protector is a welcome insurance in the event of heavy sweating or just an accidental spillage or other unforeseen event. This is of particular value in hospitals and care homes, but also in hospitality venues where the hygiene standards of some of our guests can occasionally not match our own; and accidents do happen from time to time.

These wholesale mattress protectors come in a range of sizes and are fitted to ensure a snugness that avoids rumpling under the sheet. Made from 100% microfibre polyester, they are machine washable and so can be regularly changed to ensure cleanliness and freshness at all times. Our quilted waterproof mattress protector keeps your mattress in pristine condition and protects your investment in quality bedding throughout your property. And if you are a retailer or independent trader, it is an additional asset to be able to offer your customers the means to care for their product, offering them protection at the same time as enhancing their comfort.

So, whatever your needs, Ottoman Textiles enables you to protect your bedding investments whilst simultaneously adding to the comfort intrinsic in all of our wholesale mattress protector range.

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