How Do Hotels Keep Towels Soft?

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Do you notice how the towels in hotel rooms are incredibly soft and fluffy? Soft towels feel better on your skin, especially after a bath or shower. It’s part of the entire hotel experience that makes you feel like royalty, aside from the bedding. It leaves you wondering where to find the same towels so you can use them at home. 

However, the secret to making towels feel so soft goes beyond the quality of the materials. It is no secret that hotels invest time and money in selecting the best towels for their guests. The laundering process is a key part of the process. They use specialised tools and techniques to maintain the quality of the towels, even with wear and tear. 

If you’re curious to know what process hotels use to maintain the softness of their towels, you have come to the right place. Here, you will discover the common techniques to keep towels in pristine condition and find out which materials can offer the most comfortable experience.

Laundering Process for Hotel Towels

The laundering process for hotel towels is critical in ensuring their softness and fluffiness. Hotels use specialised washing machines, dryers, gentle yet powerful detergents and fabric softeners. These tools enable them to clean the towels while maintaining their softness and quality, ready for the next guest to use.

In addition to choosing commercial-grade detergents and fabric softeners, hotels also pay close attention to the washing and drying cycles for the towels. For example, they invest in specialised washing machines that offer deep cleaning without damaging the fabric. These washing machines have multiple cycles available, enabling them to choose the right setting according to the material.

Aside from the washing machine, they also use specialised dryers that are equally gentle. However, you must pay close attention to drying since excessive heat can damage the fabric. Advanced dryers use sensors to prevent over-drying, causing the towels to become too stiff. It’s how they ensure that the towel fibres remain velvety after washing and drying.

The water temperature is a critical factor in the equation. Using a water temperature that is too high could damage the towel. It causes the towel to shrink, and it also shortens the lifespan of the fabric. On the other hand, using a temperature that is too low won’t be effective in removing dirt and cleaning the towel. Therefore, hotels must use the appropriate temperature range. 

Hotels follow a few more techniques in the laundering process to maintain the quality of their towels. One of them is to avoid using bleach. Using bleach on towels causes damage to the fibre, thereby decreasing its life span. They can also become rough in texture and feel. So, instead of using bleach, hotels use other methods to kill bacteria, such as high-temperature washing and laundry additives. 

Additionally, hotels often use dryer sheets when placing towels in the dryer. Using dryer sheets prevents static buildup on the towels, which can cause them to become too stiff afterwards. 

In the next step, you will get an insight into how hotels keep their towels soft regarding storage and maintenance. It’s one aspect of caring for linen and towels that you might overlook, but it is an essential step in maintaining proper care for towels

How to Store Towels Like a Hotel?

Hotels are renowned for their impeccable service and luxurious amenities. However, one of the noticeable details that you might expect during a hotel stay is how plush their towels are. The next step is to learn how hotels store their towels to ensure they stay plush longer.

Once towels are cleaned and dried, they are now safe to store. Hotels employ two storage methods: shelving and carts. 

Shelving is the primary storage method by hotels to maintain their towels. The towels are folded before they are stored on shelves. The storage shelves are made of wire or metal to promote air circulation. In addition, these materials discourage mould and mildew formation. The material is covered with plastic to prevent dust and other contaminants, which helps preserve the towels’ cleanliness and quality. 

Carts are an alternative storage method for towels in hotels. They are stored similarly but keep the towels away from moisture and direct sunlight. 

Create a hotel-inspired look by neatly stacking the folded towels on top of each other on the shelf. Follow the pyramid shape when stacking the towels. Start with the largest towels at the bottom and then add the folded, smaller towels at the top. You can also stack them in a straight line, especially if you are folding towels that are similar in size. 

No matter the storage method, hotels follow a rotation in their towel inventory. The rotation method ensures that older towels are used first. It also prevents some towels from being used more than others, which could cause the fabric to become musty or develop an unpleasant odour due to sitting on the shelf for too long.

How to Fold Towels Like a Hotel?

It takes skill and practice to fold towels in a way that keeps them soft and fluffy. However, correctly folding towels can add a touch of elegance to the hotel room and preserve the fabric’s fluffiness. In addition, neatly folded towels can give your guests the impression that your hotel is well-maintained and organised.

Folding towels like a hotel gives them a crisp and clean look. 

It is essential to ensure the towel is completely dry before folding it. There are various folding techniques for towels that hotel staff use. 

The first one is the tri-fold technique. It involves folding the towel into thirds lengthwise. 

First, you lay the towel on a surface with the short edges facing you. Fold it lengthwise and then bring the two short edges together. Fold it in half lengthwise once more before bringing the folded edge to the open edge. Then fold the towel lengthwise for the last time. Tuck one end into the other.

The next technique that hotels use for folding towels is called roll-up fold. As the name implies, the towel is rolled until it is in cylinder form. Again, lay the towel flat on a surface and then fold the short end about two-thirds into rolling. Fold the short end to meet the first fold. Continue rolling the towel so that it is tight from end to end. 

You may choose either of the two folding techniques above, based on your preference. 

When folding towels, be sure to use a flat surface. This helps to ensure that the towel is perfectly folded. It also helps to stay consistent in the folding method to give it a cohesive look. No matter which method you choose, use that method for all your towels. 

How to Choose the Best Hotel Towels?

The secret to having soft towels in hotels is in the quality of the towel itself. Hotels invest in premium quality materials that are durable, thick and fluffy. Even if it means hotels must invest more in premium towels, it’s worth it once you experience how soft they are. But it does not mean you have to pay an expensive price to get towels that are hotel quality. You can find premium quality towels that are reasonably priced from reliable wholesalers like Ottoman Textiles.

In addition, you can choose towels that are made from natural and breathable fabrics like cotton. This helps ensure that you are getting towels that are soft and absorbent. Egyptian cotton is known for its superior quality and performance. Therefore, it is your best choice when looking for hotel-quality towels. However, if you cannot find Egyptian cotton towels within your budget, you can look for other types of high-quality cotton.

Microfibre towels are also an excellent alternative to cotton. They are made from a blend of polyester and nylon. This material is highly absorbent and quick drying. It is popular in hotels, spas and gyms. 

The next factor to consider when buying towels that are hotel-like in quality is the weight. The unit of measurement used for towels is GSM or grams per square metre. The GSM indicates the thickness and absorbent quality of the towel. To give you an idea, hotels use 500 to 600 GSM towels. This GSM gives you a balance between absorbency and durability. Of course, you can always opt for a thicker towel, for a more luxurious feel. 

The next thing to consider when buying hotel-quality towels is the size. Most hotel towels are larger than standard towels. However, depending on the intended use, you can also find varying sizes for towels in hotels. 

Another important consideration is colour. Of course, most hotels use white towels because it exudes cleanliness, freshness and sophistication. It also looks refined and luxurious, which is the image you want to portray in a hotel. 

Finally, durability is an essential factor when choosing the best hotel towels. Since they are frequently used, hotel towels must be durable to withstand repeated washing and drying. Invest in towels with reinforced edges and double-stitched hems to avoid fraying and ensure the towels last longer.

Over time, some fabric types become stiff; good-quality hotel towels can withstand frequent washing and drying without losing their softness.

The Bottom Line

The secret is out of the bag! Take note of the tips on washing, folding and storing your towels to keep them fluffy like those you can find in a hotel. But the most crucial factor is the quality of the towels. Invest in towels made from premium materials to ensure that they last long and are luxurious to use.

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